A Travel Guide for Slavs

The regions of Russia and Eastern Europe have long piqued interest and beckoned visitors. Numerous customs and languages can be found in these varied regions, including Russian and Ukrainian https://luxewomentravel.com/slavic-dating-sites/ to the east, Polish, Czech, and Slovak in the west, Slovenian, Bosnian/croatian/serbian, Macedonian and Bulgaria to its southernmost points. Learning a few grabs of these cultures likely enable you to immerse yourself in their vibrant society.

Most guests make their initial halt in a money city like Slovakia or Poland. Discover the breathtaking new sights https://katiecouric.com/lifestyle/relationships/online-dating-tips-older-people-over-50/, such as the Baroque Bratislava Castle, the mediaeval St. Martin’s Cathedral, and the artwork nouveau Blue Church, before relaxing in a local cafe or driving. Be on the lookout for odd bronze figures scattered throughout town facilities, including one depicting Napoleon Bonaparte hunched over a bench and one of men in manholes.


Ukraine, which is located across the Baltic Sea, has a thriving social scene and an abundance of chronological artifacts. This nation is brimming with attraction, from Kiev, the global money, to the Golden Ring’s mediaeval fortresses.

Slovenia, the smallest nation on this list, is a synthesis of Slavic traditions. It’s also among the most affordable travel destinations in europe, making it a wonderful option for in-the-know tourists. If you stay away from the tour vehicle time trippers, you’ll find a tale terrain with charming towns, sparkling rivers, towering mountains, and fantastical palaces.

The Ural Mountains of Siberia and endless Lake Baikal are a spectacular screen of nature’s electricity in the center of the taiga. Here, you can see how the locals fared in their harsh climate and explore a historic town that survived engulfing in an epic conflict.

The adventurous tourist did discover that Russian nations are affordable and accessible from the Baltics to Bulgaria. A three-course eatery meal in Sofia, Bulgaria, will charge less than a concoction in Paris, which can be advantageous given that the average wage is nevertheless significantly lower than in Western Europe. Group a phrase book, clothing cordially, and travel to the east to experience this fascinating region of the world!

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