President Message


 “Nothing ever built arose to touch the skies, unless someone dreamt that it should, believed that it could and Almighty willed that it must.”

NICS is like a vessel carrying the cargo of my life’s best treasure. I have always tried my best to combine academic excellence with the inner enfoldment of the student’s personality. I’m grateful to the people of the area who have given an overwhelming response to our system which is unique in many aspects. I have always abided by the teachings of my father for moving ahead with honesty, integrity, truthfulness and magnanimity, striving hard to work selflessly for humanity.

I have always strived to give an excellent infrastructure and an enabling environment in my school. I take this opportunity to congratulate all the parents, patrons and well-wishers to make our school’s status in the area.  This status of the school will help our students to make the best use of their abilities not only in India but also abroad.

It’s my commitment that NICS will continue to promote quality education and children will enjoy their learning and reap abundant harvest as long as they are under my protection. Teaching according to me is not ‘run-of-the-mill job”. It is a commitment that demands impeccable character and elements of honesty and sacrifice to serve as role model for the students. It is not a job of the last resort. It is an elevated position of a Nation Builder. Unless the teachers of the Nation imbibe this spirit, the country will keep slipping on the corruption perception index. The youth is our biggest resource and we Endeavour to make our students physically, intellectually, and emotionally strong so that they can face the challenges of the world and emerge as winners always. We inculcate in them the spirit of patriotism so that they know their duties towards the Nation and act as agents of social reform.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the staff members of the National Ideal Convent School, Parents, Patrons and well-wishers for their unprecedented support and cooperation.

Mr Vijay Sharma