Rules of the institute


Admission to various classes depends upon the seat available and the merit of the child and at the discretion of the authorities.

ATTENDANCE:  85% attendance during the session is essential to make a student eligible to appear at the (terminal, half yearly and periodic tests).

LEAVE: Repeated or long absence without leave application renders the students liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. All leave applications duly signed by the parents must be submitted on the same day, the student proceeds on leave or the next working day. Reason for absence must be entered briefly in the leave application. Leave application on medical grounds should be supported by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.

GENERAL: Request of parents to permit students to go by school conveyance to relative’s homes will not be entertained. Parents are expected to come personally to collect the child after school.

Change of address should bring to be in the notice of the school records and class teacher to keep the school record up-to-date.

WITHDRAWALS:  A week’s written notice should be given by the parents before withdrawing a student from the school.

All dues of the school should be paid and library books returned before applying for transfer certificate. No. T.C shall be issued unless all the dues have been cleared up-to-date.

LIBRARY: The library is the nerve centre of the institution. The school library is equipped with wide variety of books of different subjects. The students are expected to make use of it and abide by the library rules and regulations.

UNIFORM:  All student; must come to the school in clean, tidy and proper uniform otherwise shall be sent back home. Faded, torn, untidy uniform will not be permitted.


  1. The school-van routes and timings are predetermined and notified in the beginning of the session.
  2. All children should be present on their pick-up points before time. There may be a delay of 5 minutes. Sometimes traffic jams or road block construction or poor visibility may delay the van than the expected time.
  3. Transport charges will be according to distance.
  4. The students should adopt good manners while traveling in the school bus and should not protrude any part of their body out of the bus.